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"First In Counters" strives to develop quality products for customers with a respected name that comes with years of excellent customer service and experience. We employ hard working individuals in the market area in order to give back to an economy that embraces such.

Our mission is to treat each person in our business with integrity that honors their uniqueness.

Our goal is to be able to create the realm of reality from individual visualization.

Licenses / Credentials :

• State of Louisiana Contractors License: Marble and Granite Construction #51901

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Services Offered
Fabricate and Install Natural Stone Countertops (Granite, Marble, Soapstone, Travertine and Onyx)
Fabricate and Install Quartz Countertops (Cambria, Silestone, and Zodiaq)
Install Cultured Marble and Tile Showers and Countertops
Install Portofino Engineered Marble Showers and Countertops
Natural Stone Restoration and Repair

Get a Facelift for Your Kitchen and Bath with Baton Rouge Countertops Service

Adding a new countertop to your kitchen or bath is one of the most effective ways to completely transform the look of your home. Countertops are available in several materials and different price ranges. You can choose from many options for countertops from a professional Baton Rouge Countertops Service. It’s easy to find a countertop within your budget since they come in a wide price range.

Kitchen and bath remodeling jobs are made easy with the help of a capable Baton Rouge Countertops Service. A countertop job is best left to the professionals even though it may look easy to do. Selecting the right countertop and installing it the right way always affects how the kitchen or bath looks. The professionals at Baton Rouge Countertops Service will take precise measurements of the cabinetry to create templates for the installation.

You are guaranteed the countertop installation will be done on a strong, level surface. If the surface isn't level enough, metal rods or plywood might have to be added. It is also important to take note of the position of electrical outlets, faucets and sinks so the countertop material can be shaped accordingly and the fit is perfect. A bathroom countertop may also need sink and fixture openings to be cut. It is not a job for the amateur do-it-yourself homeowner. This can be done by your local Baton Rouge Countertops Service who are experts in that type of work.

Baton Rouge Countertops Service: A Wide Variety of Materials

There are many choices available for countertops on the market so you’ll have a lot of options. Top of the line countertops are made of granite. Granite is a very durable hard stone. Granite kitchen countertops are not easily damaged, so spilling liquids on it won't stain or damage the surface and the surface can be used as a chopping block and a place to put hot pans. There is no danger of bacteria or mold growing on a granite countertop and therefore it is very sanitary. The best choice for a versatile countertop is a granite one, though it can be a little more expensive. The skilled installers from a Baton Rouge Countertops Service will measure the surface, cut the granite to the right shape and install it for you.

For the homeowner who places a premium on visual appeal, there is nothing to beat a custom design. It’s also ideal if you do a lot of baking because our products can withstand a lot of heat The visual appeal of our countertops is unrivaled if you care for them properly. Very durable and beautiful, our countertops make a great prep center for cooking and baking.

If you are on a strict budget, we can discuss alternatives for your countertops. The skilled professionals at a Baton Rouge Countertops Service will ensure that your countertops are installed properly. If you are looking for a beautiful countertop, a Baton Rouge Countertops Service is the place to call.

Tips from a Professional Baton Rouge Countertops Service on Caring for Your Countertops

All countertops have some basic care that you should observe. A professional Baton Rouge Countertops Service will advise using a pad to set down hot pots and pans. Though some materials like granite and stainless steel are resistant to heat, other surfaces may benefit from having a pad between the hot pan and the countertop to prevent damage due to heat. Dropping heavy objects such as pots or other things may result in chips and dents to the countertop.

Experts from your local Countertops Service will advise not to chop or dice on your countertop. The scratched surface may attract bacteria. To completely sanitize a scratched surface is harder to do. To chop your vegetables use a plastic or wooden cutting board and not the bare counter.

The surfaces should be cleaned periodically. It’s important to thoroughly clean the countertop on a daily basis. Use a soft, clean cloth for a dry wipe down at the end of the day if the countertop has not been used much. For a more extensive cleaning use water and a cloth. Now and then it is alright to use heavy duty cleaners, but not on a daily basis. Spills must be wiped up as and when they happen, the earlier you clean it the better the countertop will be. Also when the professional Baton Rouge Countertops Service install the countertops for you ask them questions on how to maintain it. You will get the best advice from the experts on the material installed.

Adding a new countertop to your kitchen or bath is the simplest way to change the look of these rooms. Call a knowledgeable Baton Rouge Countertops Service to make some big changes at a price you can afford.
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Thank you for the assistance with our counters. After 40 years it's so nice to have a new kitchen. I just love it and I appreciate you all and my husband for making this happen.
Anny W. - Baton Rouge
Thank you for your many acts of kindness and for displaying excellent customer service in the process of building our home.
Adam S. - Baton Rouge
Jim and I are totally satisfied with our new kitchen countertops done by Parnell Marble. The look of our 20 year old kitchen was changed and updated giving it a much lighter and contemporary look. The counters are so easy to clean and keep clean! The project went very smoothly with Brad, Debbie, and their workers and help and guidance. We would, and have, recommended them to others doing new and old re-construction jobs.
Bobbie C. - Zachary
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